Like everyone else, The CLA has had to respond rapidly to the coronavirus crisis. For the safety of our staff team, The CLA office closed last week. Since most of our various funded projects require frequent interaction with other people, they are currently suspended. However, where we can do so without face-to-face interaction, we will continue with other project work.

The staff team are mostly on leave whilst we organise ways to continue our work remotely for the time being. We need to find different ways, consistent with staff safety and wellbeing, to support care leavers. We are conscious that many care leavers now face fresh challenges as a result of this crisis. Please bear with us whilst we equip staff with the necessary technology and support to ensure that they can work effectively in this new environment. In the fullness of time, we expect to return to our funded projects and, as far as possible, to our usual pattern of activities.

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