Care Leavers Association Champion’s

There are a number of people with strong links to The Care Leavers’ Association who champion our cause and offer us advice and expertise. If you would like to be a CLA champion and help provide advice, and campaign the needs of Care Leavers within your workplace or life then please get in contact at with the subject ‘Care Leavers Association Champion’


Mary Clear

Mary lived in various institutions as a child and young adult. She became a qualified social worker. She has four daughters and nine grandchildren. Mary’s passions are gardening and admiring buildings. Mary is particularly interested in the parenting issues often faced by care leavers, and by the negative stereotyping of care leavers in the media and by professionals.  Mary was also responsible for the ‘Careleavers Reunited’ section of our website, which she set up ten years ago.

Will_PortraitWill McMahon

Will spent 13 years of his childhood travelling between children’s homes, sibling care, assessment centres, boarding schools and foster care.

Will joined the CLA in October 2005 and was chair from 2007-11. Will is Director of Action on Empty Homes. Will is advising the CLA on work within the criminal justice field.

Likes: Family Guy, Graham Greene, The Fall, greasy spoons, dogs, bananas and the Daily Show.

Dislikes: inequality and prejudice.