Current Services

 User led engagement and support:

  • Consultations
  • Social networks
  • volunteering and participation

Advice, Information and Guidance

  • Care leaver entitlements
  • Quick Guides
  • Web site info
  • Casework

Policy and Campaigns

  • Raise awareness of care leaver needs
  • Policy Positions on aspects of the care system
  • Influencing government and local authorities

Care Leavers Over 25

  • Care Leavers Connected Project

Access To Records

  • Casework
  • Developing Guidance
  • Improving local authority practice

Young People’s Project (16-25)

  • Express Yourself Wellbeing
  • Advocacy
  • Guides and Resources
  • Awareness Raising

Criminal Justice Project

  • Awareness Raising
  • Clear Approach Empowerment Program
  • Influencing government policy


  • Improving health commissioning
  • Increasing care leaver voice
  • Cambridge University Research – Examination of mental health services for children with social care involvement
  • Warwick University Research – Innovation in Leaving Care Services and mental health support

Training, Assessment and Consultancy

  • Training to a range of organisations
  • Information sessions
  • Consultancy advice to a range of organisations