There are many ways in which you can raise money for the CLA as an individual, as a team or with your whole department or office. Don’t forget, whatever fundraising activity you take part in on our behalf, keep us updated and we can publicise it through the website.


Support through Social Media

If you are on Facebook you can now support the CLA and our work directly through Facebook by donating through our facebook page  or setting up a fundraising event!

If you simply don’t have the time to get actively involved in the CLA, but you still want to support our work, you could think about making a donation. All donations will go towards helping the CLA to keep going and to running our projects and campaigns. Here are some of the ways your donation could help:

£5 Will pay expenses for 1 hour of volunteer time mentoring care leavers
£10 Will allow us to post our guides to 5 care leavers with no email
£20 Will provide 1 hour advocacy for a young care leaver
£50 Will hire a room for a local meeting
£100 Will buy 1000 campaign leaflets
£400 Will enable us to send an Access to Records Guide to every Social Services department in the UK, to help towards building good practice

How to start a fundraiser:

How to add a Donate Button to your posts:

How to add a Donate button to Live Video:

Sponsored Events

If you would like to take part in a sponsored event on behalf of the CLA, you can create your own online fundraising page at MyDonate. You could do anything from a marathon to a firewalk or, for the really brave, a skydive! Once you have set up your webpage, your friends, family and colleagues can sponsor you online and the money you raise will be paid directly to the CLA. It will even add on Gift Aid automatically.

You can also get official CLA sponsorship forms by contacting the office on 0161 236 5665, or by emailing

Fancy Dress Days

You could organise a fancy dress day for your office. Choose any theme you like and people pay to take part. Those who don’t take part make an extra donation! This could be a particularly good idea during National Care Leavers’ Week. Then simply collect the proceeds and send them in. If you have any photos, send them too and we’ll add them to the site.