The Care Leavers Association is “an ever growing network of care leavers.”

Our Vision is for “a good life in care, a good life after care.”

Our mission is “to bring together the voices of care leavers of all ages so that we improve the current care system, improve the quality of life of care leavers throughout their life and change for the better society’s perception of people who have been in care.”

Our Strategic Outcomes are to:

  • improve the lives of care leavers
  • improve others knowledge about the care leaver experience
  • increase the care leaver voice to improve outcomes, policy and practice

To achieve this we have an overarching set of 5 strategic aims:

  1. The CLA will be a user led organisation ensuring that all care leavers have the space and mechanism to input their experiences into achieving our collective vision.
  2. The CLA will continue to be a leading authority on leaving care issues.
  3. The CLA will ensure that care leavers have access to the best quality support in the wider world
  4. The CLA will highlight discrimination where it occurs and challenge negative stereotypes.
  5. The CLA will build upon its current financial position, governance and organisational systems to improve stability and sustainability while ensuring strength and vitality.

Charitable Objects

The Objects are for the relief of adults who have spent some or all of their childhood in care, by associating together said persons, local authorities, statutory agencies and other organisations by:

Providing advice, guidance and support so that care leavers may fulfil their potential as individuals and members of society and that their conditions of life may be improved

Advancing the education of the public, service providers and the media by providing information, training and advice on the issues affecting care leavers with the object of ending negative stereotyping and social exclusion

Improving care services for care leavers and those still in care

Core Values

Empowermenall care leavers are empowered to take control of their own lives

Voice all care leavers and looked after children have a right to have their voices heard

Perceptions we all have a responsibility to challenge and change perceptions of the care system, care leavers and looked after children

Truthfulness everybody has a truth that should be recognised and treated with respect