The Care Leavers’ Association is committed to promoting and developing equality in all areas of its work, regardless of background or belief.

 The Care Leavers’ Association recognizes:

  •  That the UK is a society diverse in culture, beliefs and lifestyles
  • That many groups within this society are discriminated against
  • That in many cases, legislation has been inadequate and that where legislation does exist, it has not ended this discrimination.

 The Care Leavers’ Association believes:

  •  That no person should experience discrimination, oppression or lack of opportunity based on gender, colour, nationality, ethnic origins, religious or philosophical belief, impairment, HIV status, age, marital status, family background, parental status, sexual orientation, political belief or trade union membership, class, responsibility for dependants, appearance, criminal justice conviction status, lack of formal qualifications, or any similar grounds
  •  That all persons should have equal rights to recognition of human dignity, to education, to work, to receive services and to participate in society
  • That the concept of the Care Leavers’ Association is in itself a means of combating discrimination and disadvantage, and contributing to enhanced quality of life for individuals, groups, communities and society as a whole
  • That all care leavers have a right to a fair share of the Care Leavers’ Association’s services, and to have these services delivered in ways which are sensitive and appropriate to their needs. 

The Care Leavers’ Association affirms:

  • That we recognise our responsibility to work towards the elimination of all discrimination, oppression and lack of opportunity, both within the Care Leavers’ Association itself and externally
  • That we will seek to challenge discrimination, oppression and lack of opportunity, and work towards a more just society
  • That we will positively promote equality of opportunity as a core value in all areas of our work and in our structures
  • That we will endeavour to fulfil all legislative requirements concerning equal opportunities, and to implement recognised good practice where resources permit
  • That we will seek to find ways of working which ensure equality of opportunity and accountability
  • That we will encourage those with whom we work to adopt and practice sound policies on equal opportunities
  • That we will monitor and review our own policy and practice, taking positive action where necessary, to ensure that equal opportunities are an integral and active part of everything the Care Leavers’ Association is and does.

Accepted by the Care Leavers’ Association Executive Committee on 6 June 2009.