We have been working with the following CCG’S: Bedford, Corby, Merton, South Tees, Surrey, Sutton, Tameside, Thanet, Waltham Forest and Westminster.

Each area has set up a working group which meets regularly bringing in key local stakeholders.

Each area has developed its own action plan. But all areas have worked on mapping local services for care leavers and developing a Joint and Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

We have held seminars at which each area discussed issues and proposed solutions to key challenges.

Part of the focus of the project is on increasing the user voice. To this end we have done the following:

  • Established regional forums of care leavers in London, Birmingham and Manchester
  • Established a virtual social network of care leavers
  • Undertook a survey of care leaver on health. We have had over 400 responses

We have also undertaken a survey of health professionals with over 150 responses

We are currently analysing the data from the surveys and will be producing a report in June/July 2017