-In Phase 1 the young person will work with a Positive Destinations Advisor (PDA), who will support the young person throughout their journey with Venture Trust.  They will work with the young person and build up a trusting relationship with them to help them prepare them for further aspects of the course. 

 -Phase 2 involves participants working with the Community Mobile Training Unit, which is a specially built vehicle and trailer with space for twelve participants, five staff, kit and equipment.  It is used in participants’ own communities as a learning base, before heading into the wilderness, where it becomes a fully equipped “base camp”  It is totally self-sufficient and able to work anywhere in Scotland.

-In Phase 3, each young person would get the opportunity to make an independent journey to our Residential Centre in Applecross in the North West Highlands, to take part in an intensive 10-day personal development course in a wilderness setting.  This would involve a series of activities, training and 1:1 or small group developmental support sessions offering a gradual progression towards an extensive wilderness expedition.

Finally, phase 4 would involve up to 12 months of ‘community links work’.  Upon their return from Applecross  participants will work with their PDA further to develop the skills they have learnt from the course and to help support them into opportunities in their local area, including voluntary sector projects, employment, education and training opportunities.

Inspiring Young Futures works within 5 Local Authority Areas; Glasgow, Dundee, West Dunbarton, Edinburgh and Clackmannan,  so if you know someone who may be up for the challenge get in touch today on 0131 228 7700 or visit our website www.venturetrust.org.uk for more information.