‘The Internet, Online Support Services and specialist Websites are playing an important role in the healing process for many male survivors of childhood sexual abuse and rape. I personally found it useful during my own disclosure and healing and I have met many other guys that have used and continue to use these sites. But just exactly what role cyberspace is playing is under researched… and that’s where I come in! I want to find out how big or small of a role the internet has played in men’s healing; what was helpful and what wasn’t; why guys used internet services in favour of traditional services; what guys would like to see in the future. So I am placing this notice on the virtual pin board of cyberspace in the hope that male survivors will see it and may like to contribute. All participants will remain anonymous, as will their answers and opinions. More information is available by logging onto:


For more information, please contact Duncan@survivorsmanchester.org.uk

This is an independent piece of research and not a Care Leavers’ Association project.