Sussex Network Meeting.

Brighton: 10 August, 2011, Brighthelm Community Centre North Road, Brighton BN11YD 6.30pm – 9.30pm 

Refreshments are served for the first 30 mins of the meeting – feel free to arrive at any time.

CLA networking meetings have been a positive for all the people who have attended them across the UK.  What has come across very clearly is that although the meetings can feel a little strange at first to those who have had little or no contact with care leavers since leaving care themselves, people are nevertheless taking a lot from the experience.  Indeed, many are coming away with the desire to continue meeting and networking with other care leaver groups as they develop.

The meetings are relaxed, informal get-togethers providing a chance to socialise and meet other care leavers. They are an opportunity to find out more about the CLA and see what opportunities there are for getting more involved in care leaver issues. For example, access to childhood care records, education, employment, training, housing, current leaving care provision, the needs of adults with care experience and the needs of care leavers in the criminal justice system.

If you would like more information about these events contact Darren Coyne at our head office on 0161-236-1980 or 07904-485921.

Meetings are for care leavers only. If you require assitance to attend the meeting please contact Darren.