ITV fixers is a national campaign supporting 16-25 year olds to take action on any issue they feel strongly about. Here we highlight some of the inspirational films made by or about young people in care.

ITV fixers have been working with 21 year old care leaver Jez Barnshaw from Plymouth. Jez believes that the complete drop of support from social services at the age of 21 for care leavers is unfair and damaging to young people. He decided to take action on this and is currently campaigning for changes to the care system with the help of a short film he has produced with the support of ITV Fixers. He has managed to secure the support of Frank Bruno, Teresa Cooper and Lemn Sissay for his ‘Careless Whispers’ film – all of which have experience of the care system. He appeared on the ITV Westcountry News in May to talk about his project and what he hopes to achieve.The news item can be watched on ITV fixers website. Follow this link to see Jez’s campaign actual film, ‘Careless Whispers’, which he helped to write, produce and direct.

Fixer Tony Wass (21) from Ashington grew up in care. He says he and his friends are tired of being seen as failures because of their backgrounds, and have made a dramatic film to challenge negative perceptions of young people in care and to promote more positive images of looked after kids. Follow the link to Tony’s film Dont Write Us Off Yet

Meanwhile in Welling, South London, Rhianna Naughton (17) and Kadeem Boyce (19) filmed a rap music video about childhood in care. Rhianna and her sister Naomi have been in care almost all their lives and have been upset by the sense they have of never being treated ‘normally’. The rap, which Rhianna helped young rapper Kadeem write, asks the audience not to judge a child by the care they’ve received. Follow the link to the film How Would You Feel and watch the broadcast.

Fixers Belinda Bluff (22), Ashley Hancock (21), and Danielle Jones (26) from West Yorkshire have made a documentary that’s changing the way care leavers think about higher education. The film features the Fixers’ own experiences of going from care to university, gives advice on where care leavers can find financial and pastoral help, and encourages them to take the plunge into higher education. Follow the link to the film.