The details have been reported on the Is This Jersey website (which seems to have close links to the organisers). It has also been reported in the Jersey Evening Post (briefly) and on Stuart Syvret’s blog. Senator Syvret was sacked by the Jersey government after revealing major problems with the Jersey child care system.

The story on the rally is reported as follows: “An informal consensus-based organising group now exists to pull together the publicity and other arrangements for the gathering/vigil/protest in the Royal Square – we hope it will be an expression of community outrage after the recent terrible news. In particular, its an opportunity to show support for the victims of child abuse in Jersey, failed by the public administration system, and to register concerns about the need for change. No cover ups and to ensure this never happens again. No more overlap between judiciary and legislature. No more culture of secrecy.”

The rally is on Saturday 8th March Royal Square 12 noon. Please pass this information on to anyone who you know on Jersey. We need to do as much as we can to support the victims of abuse on the island.