Since early 2008 we have been visiting Jersey and helping care leavers on the island to set up a a Jersey Care Leavers’ Association (JCLA). The JCLA is now established and the care leavers hold regular meetings. Members of the JCLA have produced a mission statement and set up a newsletter to keep people informed of their activities. They have also launched a petition for an independent inquiry into the abuse allegations in Jersey and recently visited the UK House of Commons to hold a meeting on this issue. The UK Care Leavers Association has been helping them to become established and is coordinating the UK side of the campaign, setting up and coordinating the Friend’s of Jersey Care Leavers for supporters of the JCLA.

The JCLA have been provided with an office in St Helier and the CLA has provided funds for a phone line and a contribution towards line rental. However, they will need much more funding to help them to operate effectively as an organisation. Also, campaigning on this issue is likely to last a long time and to require a significant amount of funding. For example to enable JCLA members to visit the UK mainland for meetings and for the CLA to continue to visit Jersey to support the fledgling group.

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