In response to John Goldup’s appointment as Social Care Director at OFSTED, Will McMahon, Chair of the Care Leavers’ Association said:

‘John Goldup was a very senior manager at the time of a major child abuse scandal in Islington, when the department he worked in failed to protect children in care in its children’s homes. To the best knowledge of the Care Leavers’ Association executive he has never expressed a view in public about his perspective on what happened nor throughout all the years of media, public and professional interest in this issue has John Goldup ever spoken out in support of survivors and care leavers who were abused. In our view, at the very least, he should make a public statement now, clarifying his role and actions during his time in Islington and answering the perfectly proper and deep concerns that care leavers and children in care will have about his appointment. If he is unwilling to do so then we can have no confidence in his appointment and, by extension, no confidence in OFSTED for making that appointment.’

Phil Frampton, a member of the Care Leavers’ Association, has written a fuller article on John Goldup’s appointment, which can be found on our Blog. Have your say on this issue there.