Will McMahon continued
“The Church of England needs to allow independent access to its records so that a full and comprehensive inquiry can take place. The leadership of the Church of England needs to explain what it knew, when did it know it and what steps did it take in response.”
This story confirms the widely-documented and extensive abuse of children in care during earlier decades.
Jim Goddard, Secretary of the CLA said
“We would want to see a full national public inquiry into the abuse of children in care because we do not think that this sort of abuse would have been confined to Church of England homes.”
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1)      The CLA is the only organisation in the UK that represents and is run by care leavers of all ages. We campaign on behalf of all care leavers and are the most experienced, knowledgeable organisation on the care system of past decades. 

The Care Leavers’ Association will be pushing for an investigation into the extent of this form of abuse in care. If you experienced being drugged whilst in care, please let us know:


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