Television presenter and producer, David Akinsanya,  expressed his regret that social work is now less of a ‘calling’ than a ‘career’ in the Guardian yesterday (9 August).  In the article he recalls his experience of one particular social worker, Jenni Randall, who helped him during and after his time in care in the 70s and 80s, a practice which would be ‘frowned upon today.’

David explained how he was allowed to build up a long-term relationship with this social worker from his first being assigned to her at the age of eight; a relationship which continued and was beneficial to him long after she had moved on.

David’s subsequent work in respite care for children has made him realize that multiple foster homes and short stints in residential care combined with a lack of genuine relationship building experience from the care system can make care leavers feel ‘worthless’.  He calls for more investment in social work so that it can retrieve its ‘human face’ through better nurturing and relationship building with vulnerable children.


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