Day 2CIMG2641

We got up quite early on the second day as we knew that this would be the longest leg of our four-day challenge. We travelled from Writtle to Ipswich, a total of 50 miles although it felt like 100 miles. We arrived in Colchester, after having climbed to ‘mountain top’, and knew we had another 20 miles to go until we could rest for the night. We stocked up on soothing cream and pain killers then gritted our teeth and set off. I must mention at this point that Will had not broken out in a sweat whilst Victoria and I were putting our all and everything in. We all celebrated with pizza when we arrived.



CIMG2651Day 3

I know those amongst you who are avid cyclists will say that the trip from London to Norwich is quite a flat and easy one. This may indeed be true but for those of us who are not regular cyclists and with a headwind each day we felt we were climbing huge hills. We were, however, consoled by the growing donations on the ride which were great. We travelled from Ipswich to Halesworth which was just over 31 miles; with a nice route and good weather it was much easier than the day before.


CIMG2675_compressed1Day 4

The final day of our adventure. We set off from Halesworth to Norwich with only 25 miles to conquer. We were eager to set off and power through the miles. We had certainly got a lot fitter over the last few days even though our legs were aching. We made really good time and arrived at our destination in Norwich at 4pm ready for Will and Victoria to get their train back to London. We had travelled just over 141 miles (a few less than we had initially planned) and had a great time along the way it was also great that we could raise so much for the charity as well.

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