The information on the website is presented in an accessible, interactive way, through questions and answers, a ‘mythbusters’ tool and case studies.  The content, functionality and features of the website will be added to throughout the year, including through the addition of vodcasts.

Lawstuff was developed in recognition of the lack of legal information available that is specifically aimed at young people.  The content and design of the website was informed by the views of a diverse group of young people, which the Centre gathered through a series of youth forums that were held across the country last year.  Young people taking part in these forums gave us a lot of information about what they would want from a legal website and the legal issues that are relevant to their day to day lives

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The Children’s Legal Centre provides free legal advice and information covering all aspects of child and family law applicable to England and Wales.  They can be reached on 08088 020 008.  The number is free from landlines and most mobiles.