Our work on Access to Records represents a very important aspect of our work, at the level of both policy and practice and as such we must ensure we are taking the right arguments forward on a policy level as well as ensuring we are providing a good signposting service and are able to use your examples of accessing your files to push for good practice within those agencies holding the files of Care Leavers across the UK.

We have put together a small survey and would like to ask you a few questions to help us understand the experiences of Care Leavers accessing there social care files.

People have many different reasons as to why they require their files, and to help us campaign for better services, for care leavers accessing files, if you have ever applied for you files please use this survey to share your experiences of applying for your file, and hopefully we can learn from these to provide a better service for people in the future.

You can access the survey by clicking on this link The Care Leavers’ Association Access to Records Survey . The survey is completely anonymous.

If you prefer not to answer the survey questions and would rather write to us at The CLA with your experiences of applying for your files then please do so by contacting Darren Coyne at darren.coyne@careleavers.com or call Darren on 0790 448 5921 / 0161 236 1980.